Interagency Federal Team Plays

This section provides step-by-step guidance and suggestions for starting up, implementing, and sustaining an interagency federal team working in partnership with a local community in response to a specific set of needs or challenges. The plays outlined below are intended to be used as a model, recognizing that specific circumstances may require a different order of plays, extended or condensed timelines, and even the addition or subtraction of certain steps.

For example, a federal team established to support a community responding to a federal disaster declaration may more closely follow specific steps in the National Disaster Recovery Framework. In other cases, where a federal team has been established to support a local community in responding to a crisis or an ongoing, stubborn challenge, the timelines, team leadership and composition, and specific structures and implementation steps will vary.

The series of plays are organized into three phases:

Phase I: Team startup, assessment, and short-term activities
Phase II: Ramp-up to full implementation and mid-term activities
Phase III: Sustaining or finalizing the work and long-term activities

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